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2012: A Year of Destiny and Purpose

The clock struck midnight on December 31, 1999 and a new century was born. The world held its breath and waited to see if the much-hyped Y2K Bug would tear a hole in the modern universe. A few hours later, we heaved a collective sigh of relief. Our greatest fears faded quickly into memory and we got back to the business of living in an environment of speed and progress.


Now we step into another Year of Destiny. 2012 comes to us freighted with myth and mystery. No one can ignore the collective chatter or the build-up of anticipation. Even cynics are confronted with movie billboards and street corner prophets speculating about the end of our world. Everywhere we turn scientists, spiritualists, conspiracy theorists and plain old nutcases are expending enormous energy discussing all the factors which just might make this year something extraordinary in human history.


On one side we hear the voices of fear reciting their disaster mantras. On the other side are the bright-eyed prophets of a new age telling us that humanity is poised to make an evolutionary leap forward.


So will we get cataclysm or utopia? On December 22, 2012 will we wake up to find the world destroyed or transformed into a long-awaited paradise?

I like a great drama as much as anyone. I am fascinated by the tales of ancient Mayan seers carving a cryptic message for our generation in a round stone. I am inspired by the Prophecy of the Hopi Elders. I can’t ignore the amazing confluence of signs and symbols which point to the probability that something really big could happen this year.

One great question remains, though: So What?

Yes. If the world as we know it will end in a crescendo of polar shifts, earthquakes, melting icecaps, super volcanoes, solar flares, meteor strikes and tsunamis-what can I do about that? If humanity will be transformed at the DNA level and our neural pathways get re-programmed for a new age of peace and spiritual awakening, will anything I do or don’t do help or hinder this miracle?

Sometimes I think we get focused on these future dates of apocalypse as a way to avoid doing what we can-doing what we should-right here and now.

When I look out at the world as it is today, I see an amazing set of factors at work. With or without the-end-of-everything-as-we-know-it, we are still living in unprecedented times. Our technology and global population are exploding at the same time as our old fortresses of power (religion, politics and business) are crumbling. Never before has it been possible to influence the world as quickly as it is right now. From the device in the palm of your hand, you can reach around the planet to touch the hearts and minds of millions via social media and blogging and e-publishing. You can tell your story and share your brilliance more easily that at any other time in history. This is only one aspect of the great opportunity we are presented.

So, what does this year ask of us? Perhaps if a year could speak, 2012 might say something like this:


    • Lighten your load-release old baggage, get rid of junk (both physical and emotional) which has been weighing you down.


    • Follow your bliss-tune in to those long-ignored deep desires. Forget the need to turn your talents into money; just go out there, learn and share and shine.


  • Spread the love-as you find greater freedom and joy within yourself, seek others who need the lights turned on in their lives. Reach beyond your own comfort-zone borders and lend someone a helping hand


These might sound like inspiring generalisms at first, but Request personal prophecy I invite you to sit with each of these requests from our New Year. If you ask what they mean and let them grow practical roots in your life, you will be amazed at how much progress you will make in a single year. Perhaps it’s time to de-junkify the house, lose some weight, mend an old relationship, learn to play the guitar, write a book, volunteer at the homeless shelter, or spend more time with our children at the park. See? Each of these three steps will lead to right-now actions if we will pay attention.


When December 21stcomes, the people of earth will hold their breath again and wait to see if the end has come. If you and I have followed these simple, powerful steps, we’ll know we’ve done everything we can…everything possible…everything important. We can’t control the world out there. What will be, will be. But we can make the world a better place starting with ourselves and spreading out to everyone we touch.

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