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Why Hire a Video Production Professional?

Though many of us are accustomed to the barrage of media faced daily, the impact of video can still be tremendous on viewers. We live in a multimedia world with video finding its way into every walk of life. Video screens can be seen on buses, in lobbies and waiting rooms, in department and grocery stores, in restaurants, on our mobile phones and tablets and even while fueling up our car. They can't be avoided! Video has become a respected and essential tool for marketing and promoting companies and products. So how do you keep your message from getting cast...

Escort Passport IQ – Revolutionary Radar Detector and GPS Navigation Device

Arguably the most popular electronic devices for automotive use are the GPS navigation unit and the radar detector. The new Passport iQ from Adana Escort combines both of these into one single device, and from what we've seen, it merges the functionality of both the radar detector and the GPS seamlessly. Escort is known for their radar detectors, and at the core of this device is the top notch Escort 9500ix radar detection platform. They've done some significant engineering on the unit to get it to fit inside a 5" GPS, but from what we are told, the radar detection...

What to Do When You Buy a Violin

There is a general belief, even among violinists, that old violins are better than new ones. Everyone knows about the celebrated Stradivarius violins of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, which now sell for exorbitant sums. When looking to buy a violin, remember that old violins are not necessarily better. Older violins tend to have a value that extends beyond their ability as musical instruments. They have a historical value, almost as a collectors item. A newer violin will be broken in over a period of several months to a few years, and will become a richer version of itself over...