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Raw Cat Food – Why It’s the Best Diet For Your Cat, and What Are the Trade-offs For You?

The biggest myth surrounding cat ownership is that cats are worry free, self-contained and self-providing pets that require little or no maintenance. Cats are so good at giving people the impression of independence and self-reliance that people believe they don't have to provide the highly focused attention to cats that, say, dogs require. The fact of the matter is that cats do require the same attention to detail that any dog does, and maybe even a little more, in some cases. This is especially true when it comes to probing the controversy regarding whether raw cat food is better that...

Renting Dubai Properties For Expatriates

If you are moving to Dubai for work you may be planning on renting a house or flat to live in during your stay there. One thing to keep in mind is that you will not be able to rent any properties unless you are the holder of a residential visa. If your company is moving you, they will have to sign the lease or rental promise instead. In the event that your employer signs the rental agreement, they will be the one who will pay the bill and then work out a plan with you. If you hold the...