A Glimpse of Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is one of the most natural furniture in the world. It is unlike the other furniture, this kind of furniture is very unique because of its main material. Rattan is extremely flexible and durable. It is able to be worked into many shapes and styles. The shapes and the styles of this kind of furniture are varies, from very simple shapes to very unique and complicated shapes.

There are many manufacturers of this furniture in this world. Indonesia is one of the countries in this world that has thousands of rattan furniture manufactures. Indonesia is a home of them. The quality and the shapes of Indonesian rattan furniture are very well known as one of the bests.

The models of Indonesia rattan furniture are very beautiful and they can enrich the beauty of your home interiors and exteriors. The art of this kind of furniture is located in its manufacturing process that uses only simple tools and involves many people as they are handmade furniture. This creates employment opportunities in rattan furniture business. This also makes those people who involved in manufacturing this furniture close to others, because they are working together in one place. They shape the frame together and weave the furniture together in one place, so they can do it by talking to others without decreasing the quality of the furniture.

Beside of its shape that is unique and beautiful, this kind buttoned coffee table of furniture is very comfortable. Its shapes are able in any model you like. It is very ergonomic and sitting on such rattan lounge refresh your mind, body, and soul as it is made of 100% natural material.

It is also very environmental friendly furniture. It is biodegradable. The manufacturing process of rattan furniture needs no dangerous chemical materials. Using this furniture also can help us in saving our climate. It is because of rattan is not a tree. It is vine-like, a solid timber vine. Rattan is a climbing palm that grows in the tropical forests in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Africa and Malaysia.

In the tropical forests where rattan grows, its economical value can help us save the forest lands by providing us and timbers loggers an alternative material in making furniture. Loggers can choose to harvest rattan and leave timbers logging. While timbers logging makes our earth difficult to breathe, needs heavy tools, difficult to transport, and also replacing those logged trees needs very long time and much money…, harvesting rattan is much easier, needs no heavy tools, much easier to transport, and keep our climate in save. Rattan also grows much faster than most of tropical trees. Harvesting rattan and using rattan furniture keep the health of our tropical forests as the lungs of our earth.

So, choosing this furniture as our home interiors and exteriors is one good thing to do. It helps us in saving our earth and can enrich the beauty of our home. It brings us back to the nature. After all, using rattan furniture can save your money too because its price that is cheaper than other kinds of furniture.

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