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Full Lace Wigs – What Defines a High Quality One

Full lace wigs represent the very latest in technology for hair replacement in the world today!

They are designed and constructed to be the closest thing to your own real hair, and they are virtually undetectable!

Full lace wigs are lightweight, ultra comfortable, and can be worn for days or even weeks at a time.

They can be parted anywhere on the head, worn in a high ponytail, braided in cornrows, worn in an up do or any style, and they look so natural that even from a few inches away people cannot tell that this is not one’s natural hair growing out of one’s scalp.

It is the most beautiful, natural hair replacement system imaginable.

There are three(3) essential characteristics that define a high quality full lace wig:
-The Hair density
-The Manufacture method
-The Hair knotting method

a) The hair density determines how full and natural your full lace wig will look.

It should be between 130% and 150% depending on the hair texture, braided wigs meaning whether the hair used is synthetic hair (kanekylon or tayokalon fibers) ,or human hair(Indian Remy hair, Chinese virgin hair, or European hair ), and also, depending of the hair style of the full lace wig (Straight, yaki, curly, kinky, deep wave, body wave style).

A lower percentage than 130% in the hair density will show one’s scalp when the hair is parted and will look unreal.

A higher percentage than 150% in the hair density is too full and too heavy, and will look unreal. This hair density is usually used for heavy theatrical wigs.

b) The manufacture method meaning whether the full lace wig is handmade and each hair inserted, one at the time by a professional wig maker, or whether several hair strands are inserted at one time, in the lace cap base by a machine.

c) The hair knotting method, meaning whether or not, each hair strand, that has been inserted in the lace cap base, has been double-knotted, in order to provide durability, and avoid excessive shedding when combing/brushing/washing/drying the full lace wig, which will ensure a long life span of the hair unit.
However, the finished appearance of the double-knotted process shows all of the knotted hair strands near the scalp area.

If the hair color is close to, or the same as the lace cap base, these knots are not noticeable upon close scrutiny.

But if the hair color is dark and the lace color is light, the knots are then more noticeable upon close scrutiny.

The technique used to minimize the appearance of the knots is called bleaching.
Bleaching the knots of a full lace wig lighten the knots, so that each hair strand, blends with the lace and look like natural hair growing from the scalp.

How many bleached knots get lighten up, depends on the hair color and the lace color of the cap base.


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