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Studio Apartments For Sale in Milton Keynes

Studio apartments are the self-contained small apartments. These apartments combine the living room, bedroom, and a kitchen into a single unit. There is an adjoining bathroom with the living room. The small studio apartments are sometimes called studio flats or Bachelorette style apartments. As indicated by the name, these small apartments are usually inhabited by singles.

Milton Keynes, a busy town of Buckinghamshire, provides such accommodation at very reasonable prices. These studio apartments are located at the respectable areas of the town. The prices are within the budget range of an average person. So these studio apartments prove to be ideal first investment. Milton Keynes offers fully furnished studio apartments in different location of the town. The studio apartments present enough living space for one, to three individuals. These apartments may also possess an allotted area for parking.

Most of the studio apartments range from 300 to 600 square feet. Though built in one corner, the kitchen facilities are located within the central room. The kitchen is equipped with all basic facilities. Different location in Milton Keynes such as Two Mile Ash presents an ideal first time buyer opportunity. This area is close to the shopping area, and schools. These studio apartments in jerusalem for sale are not only inhabited by working men and women, but also by the college and university students. It is available at the guide price of about £69,000.

Pomander Crescent, one of the best locations in Milton Keynes provides ground floor studio apartment with 35 percent shared ownership schemes. This location is one of the most beautiful locations of Milton Keynes. The double glazed apartment possesses front, and back parking area. Based on the amenities, this studio apartment is the most suitable deal. The apartment has laminate flooring, telephone, electricity, and gas facilities. It also possesses textures ceiling that enhances the beauty of the apartment. The owner demands a price of about £35,000.

Rams thorn Grove, characterised by the Walnut trees, is a beautiful location in Milton Keynes. The apartments have proper ventilation system, and are close to the natural environment. The beautiful location offers apartments for about £88,950.

There are many contemporary studio-apartments in the city centre. The apartments offer a modern life style at reasonable rates. The city centre apartments are available for about 125 years lease. The sixth floor is fixed for the studio-apartments. From architecture to the basic facilities, every thing is in complete accordance with the standards of the modern city, Milton Keynes.

The studio-apartment kitchen and bathroom are made on modern patterns. The kitchen contains wood effect worktops, splash backs, integrated fridge freezer, and integrated streamline dishwasher. These apartments are located within the main city. Big shopping malls are located at walking distance.

These apartments are built in a way to accommodate many things in limited area. Moreover, the arrangement scheme facilitates better and organised placement of goods. Thus, the old and contemporary style studio-apartments are a good choice for investment. A number of agents show you the best studio-apartments of the town. They offer services regarding all the matters related to the sale and purchase of the apartments.

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