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The Right Dryer Vent Cleaning Equipment

Having the right dryer vent cleaning equipment is important to remove the dangerous buildup of lint that is extremely flammable and one of the major causes of home fires.

What to Look For in Dryer Vent Cleaning Equipment

There are a few things you should look for when selecting dryer vent cleaning equipment. Look for professional designs. These devices should be versatile, with the rotating action of the brush being able to navigate the twists and turns that are commonly seen in exhaust vents.

These devices should also be long enough to run along the dryer vent exhaust. This is why much of the dryer vent cleaning equipment available on the market runs three and a half feet long. The purpose of these devices is to completely remove the lint from the vent by using a rotary cleaning device. There should also be a blockage removal tool to extricate and clear out any debris and nests that are built up inside of the vent, and before the rotary brushing process takes place.

Specific Product: the Lint Eater

One particular product that has been used by many cleaning contractors is the lint eater, which is a ten piece kit that can clean out vents that are up to twelve feet long. The kit consists of three foot long rods that can attach to one another to clear out the vents, as well as a vacuum adapter that can remove all of the lint while the rotary brushing process is taking place.

The lint eater is one of the few devices that comes with everything needed to clear out dryer vents, no matter how large or long the vents are or how clogged up they are, and will allow the homeowner to clean out their own dryer vent cleaning in St. Charles with the same quality that a professional cleaner would be able to deliver.

Both air and lint will pass through the bristles of the lint eater allowing for very easy removal. This is a superior design to many other vent brushes that are currently available on the market. The rotating action ensures that the entire interior surface of the vent will be cleaned, including all of the twists and turns that are present in the longer vents.

While the lint eater is extremely versatile in what it can do, one of the primary benefits to it is that it is incredibly simple to use and does not require the aid of a professional. You can simple bend the head of the device to allow it to reach the twists, turns and tight spaces within the vent. The brush filaments on the head are very durable and will hold up for many years after first use. In due course, you may find that the lint eater can serve you well for many other purposes beyond dryer vent cleaning. It should be able to clean underneath, behind.

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