Valentines Day Gifts – How Not to Choose Them

If you have been checking out the calendar lately you know that Valentines Day is coming, and soon. That dreaded day once a year when you need to pull off the great romantic Valentines Day gift that will atone for all those days spent watching sports with the guys and forgetting to pick up your socks from the floor. You could just hit the florist on the way home for Valentines gifts and hope that will work. I guess the fact she was allergic to that particular flower didn’t help you much last year to get out of the dog house. You need some ideas for Valentines presents that will turn this from a nightmare into a day of high-fives and celebration. But what kind of Valentines Day gifts will do the trick?

You could start by heading out to mall and wander around looking for valentines gifts. I personally love spending a whole day wondering around in recycled air listening to canned music while cruising the perfume aisle, dodging saleswomen with a sprayer of cheap perfume..

I have been known to sit in a bar with my buddies the day before Valentines Day asking them for ideas and what they got their wives. A few shots will get the creative juices going just fine. Of course, the Valentines presents from the previous sessions in past years did yield a couple of great power tools that I still use, but she didn’t quite appreciate them as much as the guys and I did.

Another great source of past Valentines Day gifts is late night television. They always seem to have ads for really unusual Valentines presents, like the workout machine I got her the other year for Christmas. It’s not that I was trying to tell her she was fat, I like a little meat on my women. I just thought it was a really cool machine, and the young thing that showed it off seemed really happy with it. How was I to know she would see this as a comment on her failed diets? Heck, women always are on diets, who knows if they fail or not?

Finally, you can always go on the net and do a search for fun Valentines Day Best valentines day gift Presents. You will see tons of sites that list all kinds of great gifts. But you need to do some research first, or you may end up like my friend Mat. He found a site that sells fun gifts and ordered her heart-shaped toilet paper. I guess it wasn’t quite as romantic as he thought it would be. But if you do the right kind of search, you just may find a site that has hand painted scarves or romantic jewelry. That is the kind of stuff these women seem to want. Just don’t have “#1 Babe” engraved on it, unless you know for sure she likes to be called that. A single red rose is a great idea.

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