Writing the Mature Romance Story

My husband and I will be celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary this year. We’ve had our ups and downs, and our share of difficulties. But our love has always pulled us through.

Most romances only deal with the new romance. The couple meets, falls in love, get separated, gets back together, and lives happily ever after.

But not all romances have to be about first love. Rediscovering love is a wonderful theme for a romantic tale. A couple who are going through a crisis of love and faith would make an interesting, and romantic, story. Even if the couple decided to not get back together at the end.

You can use all of the usually reasons to keep your couple apart that you would use in a regular first meeting romance. But there are other ones that are more long term relationship specific.

Empty Nest Syndrome

Many couples experience problems when their children finally leave home. They think things will be better with the kids gone. Sometimes it’s the loss of purpose, sometimes it’s the realization they don’t know their spouse as well as they thought they did, but all can make great romantic fodder.

Cheating – Real or Imagined

When one, or both, spouses are believed to be cheating, whether true or not, it can really create tension and problems in a marriage. A spouse who believes their significant other is cheating might even try to even the score, so to speak.

New Job or Degree

Getting a better job than your spouse can cause some hard feelings, even if the new job is beneficial to the household. The same can be said of a degree, especially if the spouse doesn’t have one.

Long-Distance Love

Sometimes, during a marriage, one spouse will have to spend best sex positions time away from their love. Whether it is business or family issues that keep spouses apart, this can create a lot of stress for a couple, even one that are very much in love.


Money is the root of all evil, and can be quite a thorn in a married couple’s side. Especially the addition of a lot of money. Having a couple win the lottery is a great tension maker, as well as having them suddenly having nothing.


One side of a married couple finding, or losing, religion can be devastating and make keeping a relationship afloat even more difficult. Want to make it even more interesting? Research some of the lesser-known religions to use.


Children can strengthen, or test, a marriage. Having to deal with an unruly teenager, or a child who is having medical or emotional issues can really test even the most solid of couples.


Failing health is not uncommon in the later years of a relationship. Everyone reacts differently to health issues, and this can be used to help make a good romantic couple even stronger.

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